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Why every business needs to define ‘mission-critical infrastructure’ on its own terms

Enterprise IT infrastructures are built with intention. The component parts of a larger system are deliberately chosen to enable new capabilities and efficiencies for ...

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VMware by Broadcom: What customers can expect

For more than 25 years, VMware has been a global leader in providing software that transforms how the IT function of organisations provides support for the delivery of ...

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Why enterprises need a cloud-based approach to disaster recovery

Enterprise organisations continue to suffer cyber-attacks at record rates. In 2022 alone, the number of documented global cyber-attacks increased by 38 percent. Recent ...

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Data in the hybrid cloud with IBM

Hybrid cloud solutions are helping more organizations accelerate their digital transformation.

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Leverage AWS cloud services and drive innovation

Discover why VMware Cloud on AWS is VMware’s preferred cloud service for hybrid-cloud solutions, and how it’s optimised to run on dedicated, elastic, bare-metal AWS ...

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Modernise applications with Azure native services

Learn how Azure VMware Solutions allow you to seamlessly extend or migrate your existing on-premises VMware applications to Azure without the cost, effort or risk of ...

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Harness the IBM Cloud for automation, analytics & AI services

Learn how IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions accelerates the modernisation of workloads and applications by using a common VMware platform to integrate and take advantage of ...

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Innovation has a hybrid cloud infrastructure

Discover how Triangle and VMware can help you craft a hybrid cloud solution, unifying the best elements of VMware, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS to redefine what's ...

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Keeping ahead of the threat - new approaches to cybersecurity

Malware has become a major threat to business continuity, and hackers’ current favoured tactic of encrypting files and holding them to ransom is a particularly ...

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Triangle and IBM Power10 help lay the foundation for business success

See how Triangle and IBM POWER10 help you lay the foundation for business success.

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Keeping data under control - a data-centric approach to cybersecurity

Increasingly sophisticated attacks call for an entirely new, and data-centric, approach to cybersecurity.

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Developing a mobility mindset: 5 core steps

Mobile has imposed itself on the organisation. Like with email and the PC no one necessarily had a choice, as the benefits were a no brainer. But, it’s seeing ...

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Cyber recovery designed for today’s post-attack reality

Give your organisation the tools to ensure business continuity and survival in a post-attack scenario. Triangle cyber recovery is a true last-line data recovery solution that physically isolates and safeguards immutable copies of your critical data away from attack surfaces.

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