Maximising the value of digital change

Successful innovation is tied to business outcomes. When your business invests in upgrades to its IT infrastructure, you need full confidence that your investment will deliver returns to enhance your operational performance. That’s where we come in.

1. operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiencies

Build efficiency and agility into your business-critical systems infrastructure through automation, end-to-end security and optimised speed and capacity to maximise system availability. A modernised IT infrastructure enables greater productivity, performance and innovation, helping your business do more with less.

2. complexity management

Simplify & secure complex IT environments

The rapid shift to complex, diverse infrastructures is creating new challenges for enterprise systems performance and security. We unify and simplify disparate IT landscapes, optimising availability and speed while mitigating security risks—even for the most complex IT environments.

3. continuity & recovery

Enhance business continuity & cyber recovery

Enable a safe, controlled recovery process with full data integrity. Our cyber recovery solution gives your organisation the tools to ensure business continuity and survival in a post-attack scenario. We offer a true last-line data protection solution that physically isolates and safeguards immutable copies of your critical data away from attack surfaces, 

4. system integration

Integrate & optimise heritage and modern systems

Power innovation with interoperable IT infrastructure that balances operational needs with resource constraints. We leverage our deep knowledge of heritage and modern technology domains to consolidate and integrate disparate IT environments. Our specialists deliver a common operating model that enables better business agility and performance—while being mindful of cost and resource constraints.

5. risk & compliance

Reduce risk & ensure compliance

Safeguarding data across diverse hybrid IT environments is increasingly complex. Our comprehensive security and recovery solutions provide consistent protection for enterprise assets, applications and devices. Through 24/7 monitoring, threat mitigation from core to edge, and responsive disaster recovery, we protect your sensitive data to support compliance while maintaining business continuity.

6. secure remote working

Work securely from anywhere

The modern workforce is increasingly remote. To realise the business benefits of supporting remote workers, enterprise businesses need an IT infrastructure that can secure endpoints, networks and cloud environments—enabling secure, reliable remote access through digital workspaces and other collaboration tools.


Delivering high-availability data infrastructure for a European insurance company

Triangle took over management of the organisation’s existing data environments to optimise their operations while designing a new, high-availability model featuring two data centres to replace the existing infrastructure. After the migration was complete, Triangle’s managed services team took over management of those entire systems up to the application level.

"There was a migration project element and a managed services element whereby Triangle designed a solution to replace the company’s entire data infrastructure in a high-availability model across two data centres. They then took responsibility for the entire managed services of the entire system up to the application level. The technology used allowed us to migrate data over time, maintaining a live feed so that both systems could remain fully updated at all times.”

Guiding a time sensitive migration to Hertz’s new European data centre

Hertz decided to migrate its entire European operations of more than 3,000 Horizon virtual desktop users, from multiple on-prem data centres to a cloud environment on AWS. The Triangle team delivered within an aggressive timeframe, without disrupting the company’s day-to-day operations.

“The project was delivered in an incredibly ambitious timeline. Triangle’s team placed an early emphasis on conducting a comprehensive assessment of the existing environment, dependencies, and performance requirements. By holding off on rushing into the implementation phase and expending additional effort on good planning and governance at the start, we ultimately delivered a superior solution on time, within budget and with no downtime to the business."

Mick Roberts

Global VDI Manager, Hertz Technology International

Enabling a best-in-class warehouse management solution at scale

Our client, a leading European food retail and wholesale company, needed a best-in-class infrastructure to provide greater levels of visibility, flexibility and scalability of their warehouse operations and SCM application. Using IBM technology, Triangle delivered an architect-led managed service to maximise availability, performance and agility.

"A new infrastructure platform enabled greater visibility, efficiency and expansion of our client’s warehousing function. Using IBM Power and FlashSystem, this technology layer provides a future-proofed platform to serve and expand their most critical business requirements for warehouse functions—while also delivering premier services to their customers."

Improving performance for Almac’s core business application with IBM Power10

Almac Group’s core business application was in need of infrastructure upgrades to enhance its performance, security, and ability to scale. The Triangle professional services team designed a modern, flexible hybrid infrastructure combining the IBM Power10 platform with the IBM AIX operating system.

“Almac’s brand is built upon our reputation of ensuring exceptional and reliable quality in all aspects of our work. We recognise that quality determines the extent of our success—which is why we felt a pressing need to bring our infrastructure in line with our desired client experience.”

Andy Hillis

CIO, Almac

Modernising Aviva’s data centres to adapt rapidly to business needs

Aviva needed a complete overhaul of their expensive-to-maintain data centre, that had sprawled over an area the size of half a football pitch. We delivered a strategic, cost effective IT infrastructure leading to a significant reduction of 70% in data centre power and cooling, while greatly improving stability and performance of its business applications.

“Triangle pulled out all the stops and the project was delivered on time. The initial capital investment will have paid for itself in 22 months. Staff can now focus on financial services and the company can become even more competitive.”

Sean Bellamy

Former Head of IT, Aviva Ireland

Delivering best in class cloud management platform for ESB

ESB required a greater capacity to deliver new services to their customers using digital and cloud technologies in a secure and cost-efficient manner. We developed a flexible hybrid cloud strategy, then designed and implemented a cloud management platform to help ESB provide their services to customers more cost-effectively, securely and flexibly.

“Triangle delivered on all our objectives and we have the platform that provides cost savings through increased visibility on the estate that the vRealize suite of products facilitates. It is a robust, scalable and agile platform giving us the ability to control a complex and fast-changing environment.”

Dermot Mangan

Former Infrastructure Services Manager, ESB


A customer-centric approach to service

Unique business challenges require unique solutions. We help each client identify the critical infrastructure changes that will drive the best outcomes for their business. Through a comprehensive approach to designing, launching, and maintaining enterprise IT architecture, we support our clients with complex IT infrastructure solutions that directly serve those desired business outcomes.

What customer centricity means for us

Triangle insights

Over the years, we’ve heard from a number of IT business leaders about the need for an adaptive IT infrastructure built with integrity. At Triangle we are dedicated to helping organisations keep pace with fast-changing conditions and evolving technological needs, and we have some thoughts of our own. Browse our latest news, insights, and thought leadership below.

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Mission-critical IT infrastructure | Triangle Technology Services

Why every business needs to define ‘mission-critical infrastructure’ on its own terms

Enterprise IT infrastructures are built with intention. The component parts of a larger system are deliberately chosen to enable new capabilities and efficiencies for the organisation. At the same time, IT leaders and enterprise executives are keenly aware of ...

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Triangle wins 'Innovation Partner of the Year' at Check Point awards

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Triangle wins Tech Excellence award 2019

We are delighted to announce that Triangle has won a Tech Excellence award for Project of the Year – Public Sector category at this year’s Tech Excellence Awards 2019 for our project with the ESB.

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