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Our people make us who we are

We partner with the world’s most innovative technology brands, but the truth laid bare is that it is our people who really make Triangle shine. That is why we invest so much time and resources into recognising and rewarding those who are perfect fits.

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Why should you want to join us?

We know that technology specialists today want to push themselves and take on more complex challenges and responsibilities. This is the appetite we look for in candidates. Through mentoring, coaching and on the job learning with more senior colleagues, we gradually increase the remit of the role and the responsibilities of new hires. You will see your career path open up and we will help guide you on that journey.


We promote diversity, inclusion & equality

Triangle has always been a highly diverse and inclusive workplace. We regularly run programmes to mix our teams; to promote inclusion and diversity into everyday activities and to learn from each other. Holidays and rights are observed for different cultures. Our people are recognised by their capability and their role in the team. We have no gender pay gap and reward only through performance.


We support personalised career paths

As part of our performance reviews, we identify our employees’ goals and ambitions and map a career path to get there. When possible we prioritise promotions from within. Somebody could start on the Service Desk and through a series of career enhancing roles move up the ladder to Engineer, Consultant, Architect, Senior Architect, maybe even reaching Director of Technology.


Learning never stops in Triangle

We put aside time and resources into employee mentoring, coaching, training and upskilling and we support our employees on their own projects. Employees benefit from career path guidance and personalised learning programmes. Commitment is a two way street and we feel it’s important to invest this much time and resources into our team.

Customer first

We foster a customer-first culture

Our culture is built on customer and employee satisfaction – you cannot achieve one without the other. We put our customers first in all that we do and we seek people who gain career satisfaction from this mindset. We nurture an open and collaborative environment where team players get to share customer insights and demonstrate their skills, knowledge and enjoyment of the challenge.


We recognise talent & performance

We recognise the progress of our people against their increased accountability and responsibility through the performance management process which we use to track performance against career ambitions and reward success. Peer feedback and customer satisfaction levels are key inputs to this process. Talent and effort never go unnoticed in Triangle.

Triangle Careers - Employee Testimonial

"The coaching, mentoring and on the job learning at Triangle is the best in the market and was exactly what drew me to the company. I clearly see the impact my team brings to clients and it’s very exciting to play a part. My career path has really opened up and I’m really excited about the future."

Triangle Careers - Employee Testimonial

"A lot of companies talk about equal opportunities and diverse and inclusive teams. At Triangle, it’s not just talk. Everybody is judged on their performance and talent and as a result, we all put in a shift. It’s exciting, challenging and rewarding and the incentive is there to push yourself."


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