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Triangle achieve VMware Master Services Competency: Data Center Virtualization

Triangle achieve VMware Master Services Competency: Data Center Virtualization

Triangle achieve VMware Master Services Competency: Data Center Virtualization

Triangle are delighted to have achieved the Data Center Virtualization Master Services Competency. Master Services Competencies recognize and validate outstanding services partners for expertise in specific VMware solution areas and require achieving advanced technical certifications and proof of high-level service capability and expertise as validated by our customers.


Paul Wilk- Triangle Level 2 VMware Engineer on Stage at VMworld Barcelona Nov 6th @ 5PM

Paul Wilk- Triangle Level 2 VMware Engineer on Stage at VMworld Barcelona Nov 6th @ 5PM

Paul Wilk- Triangle Level 2 VMware Engineer on Stage at VMworld Barcelona Nov 6th @ 5PM

The session; ‘My IT Rehab Trip: From Datacenter-in-a-Garage to Cloud Infrastructure’ will delve into VMware Cloud Infrastructure and how this environment came to life. Paul will also be speaking about VMware technologies and how, when we use them in already operational infrastructures, we sometimes forget about how it all started – the development phase and all the failures we had to resolve along the way. Paul will use the story of one of the first Cloud Backup providers in Poland as a background, where he will take a trip down memory lane – remembering how we used to make things work with little to no manpower nor resources and how can we use the currently available products to speed up this process.

Will you be at VMWorld? Use the link below to register for what promises to be an excellent session with Paul!



The Benefits of VMware Certification: An Interview with Ross Wynne by Jill Liles

The Benefits of VMware Certification: An Interview with Ross Wynne by Jill Liles

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to speak with Ross Wynne, a Technical Architect Consultant who works at one of VMware’s Premier Partners, Triangle Computer Services in Ireland.


Over the years, Ross has built skills and continued professional training through a variety of VMware educational and certification programs. Today, Ross offers consulting services to UK & Ireland-based VMware clients working across multiple products and services, including VMware vSphere®, VMware vRealize® Orchestrator™, VMware vCloud®, and VMware NSX®.


In the following interview, Ross offers his experience and insights into the value of getting – and remaining – certified with VMware.


Why is it important for people to continue building skills and training, particularly with VMware?

One thing is that the market and technology is constantly changing. That means that as a professional, it’s necessary to stay up-to-date, informed, knowledgeable about what’s new and what’s changing. A major benefit of doing a course with VMware is that you not only get outstanding, in-depth training in a particular product, but you also get the opportunity to test for a certification proving your knowledge.


What’s the value of getting certifications?

I can probably answer this best through my own experience. To date, I’ve passed about 20 different certifications with VMware. I did my first one — a VCP3 [VMware Certified Professional 3] — in May of 2009. Up to that point, I had a couple of years of job experience, but I didn’t have a way to validate my knowledge. From a career perspective, getting this certification was completely life-changing. Within a month of receiving my certification, I had a very attractive offer for a new job. This was due to the recruiter being able to simply search for VCP holders in Ireland and know that I met a particular set standard for the role that they were looking for. Beyond this, though, I had much more confidence in my knowledge when contributing to solutions within a team.

The reality is, you can say that you’re an expert in your field, but simply saying you’re an expert in something doesn’t amount to much on a CV or in an interview. What a certification does is it validates your experience to prospective employers. By definition, it creates a minimum standard by which an employer can assess your skills.


What’s your experience been like taking courses with VMware?

For me, I’ve had really enjoyable experiences taking VMware courses. There are a few different types of courses for beginning, middle, and advanced knowledge. One of the best things about the courses is that you can start off with the free online Foundation courses which you can take from the comfort of your own home or office when time allows. But when you are a bit more serious about your learning, there are whole host of excellent classroom courses. These classes have the added benefit of direct access to experts — course teachers who really know their stuff. You get the opportunity to have all of your questions answered, and then bring back what you learn to your company or employer. Additionally, VMware courses are a great networking opportunity. With the classroom courses, you get to spend time doing deep dives and sharing knowledge with peers who are as passionate as you are.


How important is it to renew your certification?

Keeping your certifications up-to-date is important because it proves that you still know what you’re talking about and are current in the market. New and updated technology stacks come along every few years, and while there are similarities between versions, there are always new features that can improve your day-to-day working life. Keeping your certification up to date proves that you know how to upgrade, fix, deploy, and manage whatever changes have come along. There was a point when I let one of my certifications expire. I was applying to a job, and it’s likely that I was well-qualified, but because my certification wasn’t up-to-date, there was no way I could prove that I had the knowledge compared to other candidates.

VMware has made it really easy for people to renew certifications. If your certification is expiring, instead of taking another course for the latest upgrades, you can just go and sit a VCP exam in the same track or a different track. Better yet, you can challenge yourself with a VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exam. The VCAP exams are tough, but immensely satisfying when you pass!


Of the courses you’ve taken, which one stands out to you as a favorite?

I would definitely have to say that my favorite learning experience was the brilliantly titled NSX Ninja Course (aka, NSX Design & Deploy). During that course, we focused exclusively on network design. For me, it was exciting to meet so many likeminded people, get feedback on my thinking, and get to see how other people approached the same challenges. It was great to interact with people who were at a similar level and to geek out together on tech that we all get so excited about.


Click HERE for more information on the recertification process. To hear more from Ross, follow him on Twitter: @RossWynne.

Jill has worked in IT training and certification for 10 years and is currently the Senior Marketing Manager for VMware Education Services. She holds VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) and Hubspot’s Inbound Certified accreditations. You can find her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/JillLiles1 or behind the scenes at www.twitter.com/VMwareEducation.





Aviva is Ireland’s only composite insurer providing life, pensions, general and health insurance products to its customers.  The company employs over 1,000 people between its head office in Dublin its offices in Cork and its Galway call centre.  Aviva’s data centre sprawled over an area the size of half a football pitch and the company wanted to modernise the aging IT infrastructure and reduce it  to a quarter of its footprint.

“Our Data Centre in Ireland runs in combination with part of our UK data centre.  It’s our heartbeat,” explains Sean Bellamy, Head of Infrastructure at Aviva.  “It runs every single system from our GI business which sells motor and home and our Life and Pensions business.”

Aviva engaged Triangle to develop a compelling technology proposal backed by a cast iron business case for renewed investment in the Irish data centre.  The cost effectiveness of the solution was to be measured on two scales; the initial investment and the total cost over time.

As the estate was old, it was expensive to maintain as production systems were failing. The company was having more and more incidents where outages to the business were quite significant.  Following an assessment and design phase, Triangle worked closely with Aviva to develop the project. Using their expertise in network creation and migration, they built a highly secure dark fibre data centre network and SAN fabric to provide improved connectivity in a smaller footprint.  Aviva had 350 Wintel systems running a variety of operating systems. 

The company virtualised its estate to one third and reduced those down to six hosted VMware solutions.  On the AIX side, Aviva had a P590, P595 and a P770 in the Dublin office and they eradicated the P590 and P595 and updated the local P770 and bought a new P770 for the B site which is hosted in IBM.

“Storage was another challenge for us with three huge storage units.” adds Ian Farnan, TSS Infrastructure Manager at Aviva.  “These have been replaced with a three tier solution based on IBM FlashSystem technology coupled with an IBM V7000 clustered system containing both SAS and NL-SAS tiers”.

Aviva realised savings by retiring old hardware that would have required renewed maintenance contracts and licenses for backups

Triangle converted Aviva’s legacy systems onto the new infrastructure enabling the company to run legacy applications crucial to the business.  The nature of the project improved the company’s test and development environment, improved disaster recovery capabilities, and increased flexibility to react to the organisation’s needs.  In addition, warehousing processes are much faster which makes better use of current resources.

“It is a phenomenal leap forward in technology for us.  We have saved significant costs this year – half a million euro and next year somewhere in the region of €800,000.  For us these will be year on year savings,” says Sean.

“We have achieved a significant reduction in footprint and we have been able to use the saved floor space for another purpose. This is real estate in the centre of Dublin which is very expensive so it’s a fantastic saving.  We’ve also achieved significant energy savings because our electricity use has reduced by about three quarters   and the cooling is significantly reduced as well which is great from an environment point of view.” 

Triangle has played a core part in the design, development, build and management of this adventurous project,” continues Ian.  “Without their dedication, technical knowledge and expertise, we would not have achieved all we did.   We now have the modern, future proofed, agile and flexible data centre that we wanted.”

“There are many benefits with this project,” concludes Sean.  “In terms of stability, the data centre is ten times better than it was.  Also, performance has improved dramatically, for example, we are able to run our month end processes on our systems locally and they are completed in one hour as against eight hours before we did this work.

Triangle pulled out all the stops and the project was delivered on time on 31 December.  The €3 million initial capital investment will have paid for itself in 22 months.  This project has made our business more efficient and more competitive.” 



Pictured: Michelle Harris, Triangle; Phil Croxford, VMware; and Miriam Byrne, Triangle


Triangle Computer Services has been accredited as the first VMware enterprise professional services partner in Ireland having exceeded the standards required to gain this status within the newly launched partner professional services programme (PPSP).

Eligibility for the programme was focused on partners that have demonstrated expertise in selling and delivering software defined data centre solutions.

The PPSP represents the top tier of the VMware partner network, specifically those who can demonstrate expertise in delivering software defined data centre solutions. The designation requires that Triangle meet a series of stringent criteria, proving the company’s ability to lead with a consultancy approach.

The programme recognises and rewards partners who sell and deliver their own consulting services with an emphasis on moving customers to the adoption of the software defined data centre (SDDC).

Phil Croxford, director, alliances channels UK & Ireland, VMware said: “Through their services and consultancy approach, Triangle is winning considerable amounts of Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC) business. Triangle has successfully raised the bar by developing a deep understanding of their customers’ business and goals. They also have a solid understanding of solution selling and its real-world implementation.”

As a professional services programme partner, Triangle will have access to experienced software-defined data centre architects and experts at no cost. In addition to training discounts and access to VMware architects, customer-focused labs will be offered to partners to accelerate time to self-sufficiency. Partners will be empowered with services sales and delivery IP that have been tried and tested to deliver predictable outcomes in customer implementations.

“Triangle was the first VMware partner in Ireland in 2002 and we have grown and trained to become the first PPSP in Ireland”, said Miriam Byrne, Services Director, Triangle.


“We take great pride in helping our customers reach their potential. This recognition from VMware is a fantastic validation that our technical and professional services teams are delivering value for Triangle and recognises the contribution they are making.”



Pictured: Jean Philippe Barleaza, VMware; Miriam Byrne and Michelle Harris, Triangle; and Jean-Pierre Brulard, VMware


Triangle Computer Services received the EMEA partner innovation award in the partner professional service programme category at VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2016, held in Scottsdale, Arizona.


“We value and appreciate the achievements accomplished by our partners in 2015,” said Jean-Philippe Barleaza, vice president, channel & alliances and general business, VMware EMEA. “VMware and our partners will continue to provide organizations with technologies that offer greater flexibility and agility. We congratulate Triangle on winning a VMware Partner Innovation award, and look forward to our continued collaboration.”


Miriam Byrne, services director, Triangle Computer Services, said: “[This award is] a powerful example of Triangle’s strategy in action, combining real insight, true innovation and operational excellence to create opportunities for our customers. It’s a real testament not only to our own teams, from innovation to design to delivery, but more importantly the team at VMware who have constantly embraced new thinking, ideas and innovations as we have built our partnership.”

Recipients of a VMware Partner Innovation Award in EMEA were acknowledged in 17 regional categories for their excellence in performance and distinctive achievements during 2015.

Read more:  http://www.techcentral.ie/fu6cT#ixzz43nxvu450