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Cloud based IT Disaster Recovery

Triangle’s enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery solutions bring safety, on-demand scalability, and cloud-based geographic diversity to your infrastructure.

Together we can help you assemble a strategy that protects your IT operations. Ensuring that, regardless of your disaster scenario, your mission and business-critical operations are always protected and available.


VMware Cloud on AWS helps solve many of the problems businesses have faced with disaster recovery for VMware infrastructure, providing low-cost, on-demand, and deeply customizable disaster recovery.

VMware Cloud on AWS is a hybrid cloud offering from VMware that combines the power of private cloud technology and the reach of AWS.

It is an on-demand service offered to customers who are interested in running their applications on vSphere based public cloud environments. It requires no re-engineering or conversion of a customer’s current vSphere based.

VMware Cloud on AWS effectively works just like VMware on-premises, except it runs inside an AWS datacenter, and scales on-demand backed by near limitless AWS hardware.

Disaster recovery, delivered as a service for VMware Cloud on AWS, delivers on-demand site protection with native automated orchestration, failover and failback capabilities.

Ideal for customers who want:

  • New DR: Implement a DR solution for the first time
  • Replace Existing DR: Reduce your secondary DR site costs by moving DR operations to the cloud or by modernizing existing DR solutions
  • Complement Existing DR: Protect additional workloads with a cloud-based DR solution for specific applications.

As shown above, the platform is deployed on top of VMWare Cloud on AWS infrastructure, and is designed to seamlessly interconnect to a client’s on-premises environment. Utilizing Hybrid Linked Mode an on-premises VMware vCenter can be attached to the VMware Cloud vCenter.

This allows for high-speed, low-latency connections between the VMware applications and the AWS environment, without incurring any charges for the use of the network.


Cloud based IT Disaster Recovery Advantages


Reduces secondary DR site costs
Leverage VMC “on-demand” capacity
Accelerates time-to-protection
Increases business resiliency
Simplifies DR operations

Triangle can help you navigate the challenges of using Cloud for Disaster Recovery. As with any solution, Disaster Recovery involves more than just infrastructure. We will assist you from initial assessment through to delivery and provide advice on additional tooling, systems and integrations that constitute a fully functioning DR solution.

We believe no business should have to pay for servers they are not using, with on-demand infrastructure disaster recovery is now achievable without the costly infrastructure of the past.

Cloud based IT Disaster Recovery