Intelligent Automation - Triangle Computer Services


Triangle’s capabilities in automation and orchestration helps organisations throughout the UK and Ireland to deliver consistent IT services at the speed of business.

With the rapid rate of business change, there is increasing pressure on IT to deliver new types of cloud services. This means rethinking existing IT systems to take advantage of new cloud orchestration and automation solutions.

This process is more involved than purely implementing new software solutions, it additionally involves re-engineering of processes. Triangle leads Europe in this area.

IT Operations Management covers the day-to-day tasks of managing and monitoring your technology infrastructure, including managing your applications, services, data storage, networks and users. IT operations management can be complex because of the range of systems and hardware in use, from legacy applications to the latest cloud technologies.

In the past there was significant administrative overhead as IT operations staff had to manually administer different systems and servers. However operations management solutions enable the automation of monitoring and maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and manual overheads and improving the level of service you provide to your users.