RIGHT SIZED AND SCALABLE - Triangle Computer Services
CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE is becoming the de facto standard platform for enterprises to implement in their datacentres.

The success of the collapsing multiple operating systems onto one server has spread to the storage and network realm. And organisation planning to implement such a solution should ensure they have a thorough understanding of the impact such a shift will have on their ability to provide their services.

Hardware independence is important in the initial choice of a converged system in order to avoid being locked in .

Implementing the solution in the conjunction with existing infrastructure means that there are enterprise support and integration concerns. Ensuring that the chosen platform is right sized for the environment workload that is running on it but also scalable for future expansion of that workload need consideration.

Once operational the management of the infrastructure does not increase the operational overhead significantly or else it will just become a burden.the future roadmap of the chosen infrastructure is also important to understand what an impact that future plan will have on the existing or proposed infrastructure.

The points noted here provide a glimpse of the complexity that present day data centre IT environments have scaled to, regardless of the detail of the workload on them. As a result, while implementing such fundamental change to the platform needed for IT services, it is essential that such change is thoroughly understood to ensure that any migration is done with minimal downtime and impact of those services.