NXSYSTEMS AND TRIANGLE - Triangle Computer Services

Pictured from left to right: Ian Kennedy-Compston, Automation Business Development Manager, Triangle and Matthew A.R. Sherian, Head of Systems Engineering, NxSystems


NxSystems, an Ireland based global payment solutions company, providing payment services in over 100 countries and offering 24/7/365 worldwide access to eBanking, ePayment and eCommerce services, has now implemented the first VMware automated management solution in Ireland.

NxSystems focuses on providing secure global payment solutions to individuals and businesses, while pursuing innovative technology that enhances and improves its worldwide electronic payment solutions.

“NxSystems has opened up the door to international multi-currency electronic payments in a safe, secure and private environment,” explains Jonathan Bowman, CTO at NxSystems. “Our payments platforms are the core of our global business; downtime is simply not something our business or customers can ever experience.”

NxSystems selected Triangle Computer Services as their service provider because of the company’s proven expertise with the VMware tools and by building a strong business case based on product benefits and commercial advantages. Triangle assisted with the design of the customised automation solution and implemented vCloud Suite Enterprise to bring together all the capabilities IT needs to run an agile datacentre in the cloud.

Phase One of the project involved Triangle implementing vCloud Automation Centre, with Application Director for applications management, Hyperic for infrastructure management and IT cost assessment products. This enables NxSystems to rapidly provision virtual machines and multiplier applications within minutes instead of days, and expand the capacity available to business units both onsite and offsite.

The second phase of the project involved Triangle implementing tcserver, a lightweight Java application server that extends Apache Tomcat for use in large-scale mission-critical environments, RabbitMQ enterprise messaging system and vPosgreS relational database. This, married to the automation capability allows the provisioning of NxSystems’ entire line of business application suite for payments processing in a predictable and scalable manner.

“We call ourselves the Payment Distribution Experts, and we are committed to continuously develop our NxPay technology to offer clients and their customers multiple global remittance options in a fast, secure and compliant environment,” concludes Bowman. “As we accelerate our international expansion, VMware’s cloud management platform will help us automate operations management of our payment platforms while minimizing development and deployment time. Today, VMware solutions enables us to deliver new applications and services to market faster, more efficiently, with greater control and greater scalability.”

About NxSystems™ ltd.

NxSystems™, ltd. is a Global Payment Solutions Provider with over ten years of experience in the payments industry worldwide. NxSystems™ offers electronic payments services in more than 100 countries and holds direct banking relationships across the globe. The NxPay™ Payment platform developed by NxSystems™ offers a secure and regulated payments platform with worldwide access to eBanking, ePayment, and e-Commerce services in a multitude of currencies. NxSystems™, ltd. offers flexible and cost effective solutions to businesses in all industries worldwide. NxSystems employs 25 people in Ireland and 100 globally.