TechPro July 2016

The context of this question is really interesting with all major storage vendors promoting their flash storage solutions, converged infrastructures and software defined storage, enterprises could be forgiven for thinking they are lagging behind their competition by not deploying the latest and greatest.

Datacentre managers are keen to extend the life span of existing investments without compromising business demands, reduce maintenance cost and reduce operational costs

Software Defined Storage and extending the life span of existing investment are not mutually exclusive. In fact SDS solutions are extending the life of existing investments in the Enterprise.  By its very nature SDS does not care about the underlying hardware once that hardware is robust and has a performance profile that meets business demands.

A SDS platform for either block, object or file data, reduces existing SANs software maintenance, extends its life time and exposes additional features and benefits of the SDS platform to the enterprise

While there are a number of new SDS offerings available we in Triangle have been delivering SDS to customers based on the IBM Spectrum Platform for over 10 years.  IBM Spectrum provides SDS for block storage up to 32PB per system and the file storage has no known limits for performance or scale.

Within the SDS our customers are utilising Flash to manage critical workloads and then merging existing storage solutions under this SDS platform.  This significantly reduces operational costs, capex investments and once deployed completely removes the requirement for any distributive data migrations in the future.